Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Goodnight from Sydney

A couple of times I have finished the night with references to "overused" words in news headlines - "sparks" and "warning." Tonight, I take look at "demand/s".

Calderwood demands apology TEAMtalk - Heart Of Midlothian
SF demands unionists pay legal costs after party snub The Irish News
Military Prosecution demands tougher sentence for soldier who killed British citizen YnetNews
Iran demands camera removal Northwest Herald, Illinois
Lawsuit Demands More Aid for Asian-American Voters The New York Times
Sommer demands introduction of a minimum wage German News
Jeno F. Paulucci Demands Higher Minimum Wage; Appeals for Excess Profits Tax, Fuel Price... PRNewswire (Press Release
Drilon demands special audit of Marcos wealth ABS-CBNNEWS.COM
Howard demands apology from U.S. The Sunday Mail, South Australia
Human Rights In China demands Google rethink PC Advisor
Cleric demands cartoonists' death Aljazeera.Net, Qatar
Merkel demands upgrade of NATO strategy EPICOS

Sometimes life can be so demanding.


The photo tonight is for the gentleman who told me he enjoys seeing "local" photographs, as he is interested in the various styles of architecture. I thought this photo provides a fine example of the pot-pori of styles that can be seen in my local suburb. Of course being a romantic at heart, I like the "Young and in love" couple to the right of the photo.

Just above the "Victoria Plaza" sign, you will notice a "zig-zag" style building. Back in the late 80s early 90s, that is where I used to work. When the department moved to another location, I was selected to stay behind and keep things going during the transition. For three weeks, I had the whole of the second and third floors to myself. The only furniture was a chair, a reception desk and a switch-board. To say that it was a weird experience would be the greatest understatement since Noah looked out the window and said "Ay up love, looks like we're in for a spot of rain."

Hoping that last remark doesn't cause widespread outrage, till tomorrow...

...Wherever you may be - be safe

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