Saturday, February 04, 2006

Consumer: Bye bye Hoover

I wonder how many of us have at some time said, "I'm just going to do a bit of Hoovering." I know I must have heard it hundreds of times even though none of those who said it, actually used a Hoover to do their vacuuming!

Everyone I knew associated vacuuming with Hoover - but no more it seems. Hoover has now becomes so unfashionable that owners Maytag (who are being taken over by Whirlpool), are planning to sell it.

Sales fell 20 percent in the fourth quarter alone and Maytag's Chief Executive Ralph Hake, has said they can no longer carry the burden of the loss-making Hoover.

Yes, I know it makes sense - but has the man no sense of tradition! I bet his mum will have something to say about all this!