Saturday, February 04, 2006

Anti-Smoking: Unashamed plug for ad!

First of all, I am a smoker. I have been since I was around 13. However, it is certainly not something I would recommend to others who may be tempted to start. Nor would I discourage those who wanted to stop - in fact, I would give them my full support, (as I have in the past).

The other night I took a photo of a cigarette apparently suspended in mid-air, (my finger is just out of shot!). Last night it occurred to me that with an appropriate slogan, it had the potential to make an anti-smoking ad or poster.

I printed out a draft and showed it to a few kids hanging around my local shopping plaza. The reaction was positive and many appeared to like the starkness and simplicity.

If any organisation would like to use or adapt the version shown here, please contact me at Mike Hitchen Consulting. Organisations targeting the youth market, will be given special consideration.

Mike Hitchen