Monday, January 09, 2006

Goodnight from Sydney

I must admit, I quite like Australia's Howard government. I loved the way he took on the trade unions and admire the way he put the rat-bag Students Union in it's place.

However, there is a lot I do not like. For one thing, the hair-brained ideas associated with the government's determination to push 1950s touchy-feely family values ideals. Like certain other countries, the religious right has great influence in Australian politics, hence the latest idea to keep families together.

Couples with children planning to separate will be forced to attend counselling sessions at the new family relationship centres and come up with a parenting plan before taking their case to the Family Court.

According to federal Attorney-General Philip Ruddock, a three hour session with a half-witted stranger with a wanky degree and no experience of the couples situation, will encourage families to stay together.This is from a guy whose own daughter spoke out publicly against his policies on immigration.

If a couple want to separate, no counsellor in the world will change their mind in three bloody hours. I sure as hell wouldn't want someone I don't know from Adam, sticking their text-book-experience noses into my Goddamn business. If anything, it will make matters worse. Can you imagine the warring couple leaving the session?

"Why did you tell him that?" "I notice you didnt mention...."

Australians are not keen on marriage anyway, so making divorce even harder to obtain is quite likely to be counterproductive to the idea of making every Australian family into the bloody Brady Bunch.

Next thing you know, Seventh bloody Heaven, will be compulsory viewing.

Wherever you may be - be safe!