Monday, January 02, 2006

Environment: Uganda advised to use DDT to tackle malaria

Bio-chemistry and pathology experts have advised Uganda to use DDT, to eradicate malaria.

Researchers at Makerere University, carried out a study in western Uganda, where the World Health Organisation (WHO) malaria control team sprayed two grammes of DDT per square metre in households and kraals 45 years ago.

According to the East African, " traces of DDT were found in urine, soil and foodstuffs such as beans, fish, bananas, cassava, and Irish potatoes". Dr Gabriel Bimenya, "said that after conducting the study, researchers at Makerere were recommending application of DDT through indoor residual spraying to avoid a spill-over to the environment as it may affect exporters of agricultural produce".

I am not sure I am reassured by his assertion that "DDT is used by many European and American airlines to prevent malaria infections among travellers, which underlined the fact that the chemical was not a health hazard to humans. In June last year, a number of European ministers were found to have DDT in their blood and the concentration was three times higher than that found in Ugandans in the just concluded research".

Full article: Use DDT to Fight Malaria, Say Experts by Malingha Doya