Thursday, December 29, 2005

Goodnight from Sydney

The photo tonight is a follow up to the one posted two nights ago, and was taken from the jetty that appears in that photo.

The reserve is quite a popular place for weddings as not only is it such a beautiful setting, but near by there are also picnic and barbeque facilities. In the new year, I will make it one of my resolutions to walk there more often.

Actually, it will be my only resolution as I have this strong feeling that next year everything is going to sort itself out and fall into place. Normally I treat new years' in the same way I used to treat new exercise books in school subjects that didnt interest me. This exercise book is going to be different - I am going to make a real effort. Of course that lasted for a few pages and things were back to normal. However, in the subjects at which I excelled, I made no such pledge as I knew I didn't need to. Well, this year, I feel the same about New Year.

My apology if this sounds big headed or even arrogant, but it is not even a conscious decision on my part - it's just something telling me this year will be the year.

Till tomorrow...

...Wherever you may be - be safe!