Thursday, December 08, 2005

Blogging: Australian bloggers beware!

Australian bloggers have been warned that they may be liable for everything they write on their blogs - and for comments made by contributors. Under the new anti-terrorism legislation - especially the law relating to sedition, the situation becomes even more complex.

Edmund Tadros, in the Sydney Morning Herald's "Entertainment Blog" warns that blogs fall under the same defamation and other laws that regulate all media organisations in Australia.

It also has a quote from a specialist in Technology Law, that Australian bloggers need to consider: "Bloggers may be liable for what's on their website as the publisher of the information...I think they need to be more cautious. There is no exception in the law for internet conversations".

Few Australians who post to blogs or moderate forums are aware of their legal responsibility. Remember, even before the new legislation was announced, Australia was widely regarded as having one the most "draconian" censorship legislation in the world.

The full article, plus readers comments, can be seen on Australian bloggers muzzled (Sydney Morning Herald)