Thursday, November 24, 2005

Goodnight and happy Thanksgiving Day from Sydney

To all my American friends, contacts and clients, I wish you a happy and above all, safe Thanksgiving Day.

Although it is not a holiday we celebrate in Australia, I doubt there are too many people who are not aware of the event, even if some are unaware of the meaning. Thanks to the Internet, the old saying, "it's a small world" has never been so appropriate. We can share holidays and special occasions with friends all around the world. We can share sadness, joy and all too often, tragedy.

Thankfully, we can also find and share love - as I have found to my everlasting delight.

Tomorrow is Friday - hospital day! so I am not sure when the blog will be published, or how many posts may see the light of the day. But to all those in the US and those who work or serve overseas...

...Wherever you may be - be safe!