Friday, October 14, 2005

Goodnight from Sydney

Normally I don't make my last post until the evening session - but it is Friday afternoon and I'm the boss!

A few times recently I have mentioned that tragedy seems to be making a point of targeting children. Last night for example I saw a report from Pakistan, where a distraught 12 year old girl who had lost her parents said that if she couldn't have her mother back, she didn't care what happened to her. Yet there are those who are prepared to prey on the victims of such tragedy. People who for the sake of money are quite prepared to give false hope to mothers whose children have been taking from them.

Grigoriy Grabovoy, is such a man.

Remember Beslan? or has the town that in 2004 was on everyone's lips, faded from memory? In September last year, armed terrorists took hundreds of schoolchildren and adults hostage in the Russian town of Beslan. According to official data, 344 civilians were killed, 186 of them children.

A graduate of Tashkent University, Grabovoy has claimed to be Jesus Christ of the Second Coming and the Triune God the Father. Several mothers from the town have signed contracts with this swindler. On Oct 15, he has promised the children will rise from the dead.

There is a lot more to Grabovoy, who has formed a political party called the Voluntary Propagators of Grigoriy Grabovoy's doctrine," with the promise of delivering Russia from disasters by means of magic.

If you want to know more about the political motives of Grabovoy, Pravda has an excellent article "Pseudo-Christ promises to raise the Beslan school kids from the dead"

Till tomorrow, wherever you may be - be safe!