Thursday, August 18, 2005

Goodnight from Sydney!

That's my lot for today - except for a quick look at a few things that happened during the day.

Of great concern to many Australians, including leading politicians, is the fact that guards at Parliament House in Canberra, can no longer greet visitors with the word, "mate."

Would you believe that was the lead story on the six o'clock news! Don't worry about Bangladesh, Iraq or Afghanistan mate - it's the use of the word mate, we should be worried about mate.

Prime Minister John Howard made a statement through a spokesperson saying, "it's absurd and impractical to prohibit the use of the word 'mate'."

He was so annoyed, he even forgot to check with George Bush if it was ok for him to make such a statement.

What concerns me more, is the increasing use of the word "darl." The other day when I phoned my bank it was, "Yes darl, what can I help you with?" "Can you hold please darl?"

Next week I am going to change my name to Darl so the next time I am asked "Can I help you darl?" I will say, "Gee, how did you know my name." That'll teach them!

Wherever you may be darls - be safe

Photo: The Rocks area of Sydney