Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Goodnight from Sydney

I think it is time to wrap up for the night and focus on a few other things.

Nationally it has been a good day, with retailers Coles Myer recording a 13.3% rise in annual sales and the share market breaking new ground.

We will also have three new air warfare destroyers withAmerican shipbuilder Gibbs and Cox being the preferred designer.

Aussie men may be pleased to know that Australian researchers have discovered that pornography and glossy men's magazines buried at tips last longer than other magazines. At one tip, scientist Fabiano Ximenes even discovered a 1979 copy of Playboy.

Internationally nothing too catastrophic has happened - except of course for the thousands of poor buggers dying in little known countries that have not yet become fashionable causes, and the thousands starving in countries people have long forgotten about.

To those of you about to start your day, have a great day. Others of course, are heading towards lunch or nearing the end of the work day. Whichever time zone you may be - be safe.