Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Work is fun: How to annoy your colleagues

Here are a few ways to really annoy your colleagues.

  • Email someone sitting three feet away.
  • Listen to voicemails on your speaker phone.
  • Swear at your computer.
  • Avoid sharing the tea/coffee making duties .
  • Let your cell phone ring and ring - especially in meetings.
  • Complain about work.
  • Eavesdrop - especially on telephone calls.
  • Eat smelly food - or munch potato chips loudly.
  • Take staplers and pens from desks and don't return them.
  • Wear too much perfume or after shave.
  • Tap your pen repeatedly, (I once worked with someone who would make "castles" out of marking pens- repeatedly snapping the tops off to make pointed turrets).
  • Leave the photocopier or printer for someone else to fix.
Last but not least - make lists of colleagues annoying habits.