Monday, July 04, 2005

Comment: U.S. to keep control of Internet

The United States will retain control over the principal computers whichoversee internet traffic, a move that reversed it's previous pledge to turn control of the 13 root servers over to a private, international body.

The reason of course, is the now predictable claim of threats to security. Quite bluntly, the rest of the world no longer buys this excuse, finding it as amusing and irritating as the old, "the check is in the mail."

The equally predicable, "9/11" card is also well past it's use by date in a world that is increasingly tired of hearing that phrase. No longer is it universally accepted as payment to validate U.S. abuse of freedom, human rights, justice, democracy, sovereignty - and human life.

Put frankly, an increasingly significant number of us outside the United States, no longer gives a stuff about Sept 11, groaning each time we hear it's increasingly hollow ring. It has faded into realistic perspective when compared to the U.S. led terrorism in the Iraqi hell hole they created.

In reality, the heavy handed and unjustified move by the U.S. wont make much difference - at least not for now. However, it is expected to be met by global opposition. There are still some countries who value freedom of speech and democracy.

The Guv'nor