Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Business Tips: Training - Barriers to learning

A good trainer should be aware that differences exist amongst the participants but awareness is not enough - you have to find solutions to overcome barriers to learning.

It is essential that trainers recognise these differences and adopt appropriate strategies to maximise learning. The following factors should be taken into account.

* Not every individual has the same set of purposes nor the same motivation for learning in a particular situation.

* Not everyone at any one time, is at the same stage of understanding or skill, and at the same stage of readiness for the next stage.

* Individuals perceive and learn in different ways, so no one single style of training or method will be equally effective for all members of the course.

* Individuals will vary as to the amount of assistance required and when that assistance is required.

* Individuals will need varying amounts of practice to master new learning.

* Individuals will vary in their degree of understanding.

Identifying various barriers to learning will have implications for your choice of training methods. In group training situations there is a limit on what actions you can take but once you identify the characteristics of participants, then you can choose a number of training methods that can help cater for individual needs.

Tomorrow (Jul 27 Sydney time) I will list some of the common barriers to learning and suggested solutions.