Sunday, June 26, 2005

New entrepreneurs fear vacations - but the answer is in their hands

A report in the Houston Chronicle says that new entrepreneurs struggle with the idea of taking a vacation. They worry about losing clients who need them, and if they have employees, they worry about the work being done right in their absence.

I can assure the author, that syndrome is not just local or national!

We all know we shouldn't feel that way. We all know the advantages of taking a break. We have been told that, "things will still be here when you get back." We view such advice the same way a small child views being told, "go to bed dear, it will still be there in the morning."

Yet, no business owner need feel that way - the answer is in our hands.

I will be away for a few days for medical reasons. Systems are in place, clients informed (and understanding), associates consulted and prepared.

The only thing I will worry or think about, is how soon I can leave the bloody hospital!