Friday, January 16, 2015

South Sudan: Chinese infantry peacekeepers to be based in Juba

Source: UN Mission in South Sudan

The United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) is pleased to welcome the pending deployment of a Chinese infantry battalion which will be based and operating out of UNMISS Headquarters in Juba.

Part of the surge force authorized by the UN Security Council on 24 December 2013 to increase the number of UNMISS military peacekeepers up to 12,500, the incoming battalion will be the first ever deployment of a Chinese infantry battalion in a UN peacekeeping mission. This reflects China’s strong commitment to promoting peace and stability for the people of South Sudan.

Once in country, the 700-member battalion will be engaged primarily in the protection of civilians living in or near the Mission’s UN House property, carry out patrols in and around Juba, the escorting of humanitarian relief supplies and the guarding of UN assets.

The mission currently has approximately 350 Chinese engineers, medics and other non-combat personnel who are serving in the Mission from their base in the Western Bahr el- Ghazal state capital of Wau.

The peacekeepers will be under the overall command of the Mission’s Sector South commander Senior Col. Ning Ma of China.