Friday, July 11, 2014

Peru: Interior minister under investigation for 1988 journalist murder


The following is a CPJ blog post written by John Otis, CPJ Andes Correspondent:

Some of Peru's top government officials, including President Ollanta Humala, are former army officers who spent the 1980s fighting Maoist Shining Path guerrillas. Both sides committed massive human rights abuses, but now one particularly brutal episode is coming back to haunt the Humala administration.

Last week, the news broke that Humala's interior minister, Daniel Urresti, is under investigation for the November 24, 1988 murder of a Peruvian journalist in the Ayacucho region, which used to be a Shining Path stronghold. According to press reports, prosecutors are investigating whether Urresti, a former army general and intelligence officer, led the patrol that ambushed journalist Hugo Bustíos and then blew up his body.

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