Thursday, May 22, 2014

South Sudan: On the Precipice

Source: Refugees International
On the Precipice

South Sudan is on the verge of a catastrophic humanitarian crisis. Ongoing conflict since mid-December 2013 has forced mass displacement and limited humanitarian access to people in need. Tens of thousands of internally displaced people are living on United Nations’ compounds where conditions are poor. At one site in the capital Juba, for example, the cramped living space and flood-prone land make for a disastrous scenario, especially as the seasonal rains begin. Throughout other parts of the country, aid workers are struggling to reach vulnerable populations and pre-position stocks before the rains begin in earnest.
A sustained cessation of hostilities is the most critical element to preventing the current situation from becoming worse. But there are also steps that donor governments, the UN Mission in South Sudan, and the aid community can and must take to improve both the protection of and support to the South Sudanese people.

  • Without delay, donor governments must deliver on their humanitarian pledges made at the Oslo Conference in May 2014.
  • Staff with protection of civilians expertise must be urgently deployed to the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) to support the mission’s re-focus on protecting civilians, and existing staff must prioritize their role in this effort.
  • UNMISS must increase patrols, both inside and outside of the UN compounds, as well as increase its communication with internally displaced people through the establishment of a community liaison unit to ensure better protection.
  • UNMISS senior leadership must work closely with aid organizations and representatives of troop contributing countries to ensure improved living conditions for the internally displaced population living at the UN compound near Juba International Airport (UN Tomping) until a viable alternative location is ready.
Mark Yarnell traveled to Juba, South Sudan in March 2014 to assess the situation of displaced people there
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