Friday, May 09, 2014

Pakistan: Cleric: Arrogant powers trying to create disunity among Muslims

Source: IRNA

Mashad, May 9, IRNA – Secretary General of Pakistan Shia Ulema Assembly said that arrogant powers are doing their utmost effort to create disunity among Shia and Sunni Muslims.
Aref Hussein Vahedi told IRNA here on Thursday that Takfiri and sectarian groups in Pakistan are assisting hegemonic powersˈ goals to create disunity and commit terror.

He added that massacre of Pakistani Shia pilgrims in Baluchistan province of Pakistan and in other areas of the country is in direction of colonialist conspiracies.

Unfortunately, the Pakistan government is not firm in fighting against terrorists, Takfiris and Taliban and has always tried to attract satisfaction of the groups and the USA.

In spite of all cruelties against Shia, we have always welcomed efforts to create unity among Muslims.

Vahedi continued that Shia Muslims in Pakistan constitute 25 percent of the population and they have always underlined unity among Shia and Sunni Muslims and consider unity as a big weapon of Shia against Takfiri.

Referring to cultural commonalities between Iran and Pakistan, Vahedi said that alliance between Tehran and Islamabad would be beneficial for both nations, but arrogant powers, by forming terrorist grouplet such as ˈ Jaish-o-adlˈ wanted to hurt such relations.

He added that acts of the grouplet , which is stationed in Baluchistan province of Pakistan, has always been under protest of the Pakistani Shia, who are frequently asked the government to confront them.

He called upcoming visit of Pakistan premier to Iran and visits of the Iranian senior officials, including President Rouhani to Pakistan very important in creating unity among the two countries.