Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Iran: Larijani calls for creation of information network

Source: IRNA

Tehran, May 21, IRNA – Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said that Iranians residing abroad are facing with a number of misunderstandings, because of incorrect information delivered to them, so by creation an information network, correct news and information can be delivered to them

According to the report of Majlis News Agency on Tuesday, Larijani in a meeting with members of administrative board of cultural and economic fraction of Iranians residing abroad, said that one of the most important work now is facilitating investment of Iranian residing abroad, who are interested in economic activities in Iran.

He continued that one of main obstacles in this concern is the issue of military services for Iranians residing abroad, which prevents them from coming to the country and this issue will affect their language and make them far from Persian culture.

Dual citizenship is another obstacle and legal ban in this concern, which needs more legal consideration.

Head of the fraction Abbas Rajaei said the fraction included five working groups who work in different related fields.

The fraction was established one month ago in Majlis and cooperates with secretariat of Supreme Council of Iranian residing abroad, which works under chairmanship of Vice-President in executive affairs.