Friday, March 14, 2014

South Sudan: IDPs urged to return home as rains take toll on camps

Source: Miraya FM

(March. 13, 2014) Sporadic rains are continuing to take a heavy toll on internally displaced persons, the United Nations humanitarian coordinator in South Sudan, Toby Lanzer, has said.

Toby Lanzer visited the UN protection of civilian sites in Thomping this afternoon to assess the impact of rain on the camps.

He said he is concerned about the impact of the rains on the UN protection sites and urged the IDPs to explore the possibility of going back to their homes.

“ I am very, very troubled by the moving scenes that I have just witnessed here in Thomping, it’s really a very difficult situation, I have just seen women trudging in mud water."

"I have seen children scooping water out of their makeshift shelters with cups and one of the messages has been to encourage people to consider the option of going back homes if that is possible and off course people have to make their own decision about that.” Toby Lanzer further explains

Toby Lanzer says steps are being taken to relocate the IDPs to a new location with an elevated and higher land along the Juba Yei Road.

“ It’s a possibility that everybody should be exploring, we have more elevated land and drier land available next to UN house and it is important that civilians living here in thomping think about this rather quickly, we could be moving a couple of one hundred people on a daily basis."