Tuesday, February 11, 2014

South Sudan: Over 75 thousand IDPs settle in Awerial, Lake state

Source: Miraya FM

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More than 75,000 people who fled fighting and are now settled in Awerial, Lakes State are calling on the government and humanitarian agencies to provide them with food and non-food items.

The IDPs left different parts of Jonglei and have been seeking safety at Mingkaman camp.
A high level delegation from UN agencies and the Dutch ambassador to South Sudan visited Lakes State to assess the humanitarian situation. During the visit, the IDPs shared their concerns with the delegation.
“Here in Awerial the condition is very terrible because of outbreak of diseases, what I know so far is measles, there is no more school here.”

“in the area here some of the people did not get food, I am not like the other people because I was working with the government, but the others were not working, this is how I survive, you know some of the people are going back maybe to look for food, and others go back maybe to their home”

UN Humanitarian coordinator Toby Lanzer Toby called on political leaders engaged in talks in Addis Ababa to urgently find a peaceful solution to the conflict, in the interest of peace.

“It is such undignified situation for people and it really moves me, and I hope that everyone engaged in the political talks in Addis and any people who can help with cessation of hostility be as successful as possible.”

Dutch Ambassador, Kees Van-Bar on his part says his government will continue to support humanitarian efforts in response to the conflict.

“Also we look at Bor, what can we do in Bor so that people return as soon as possible because there has been quite some things destroyed in Bor. In addition we gave extra money, so far for this crisis we have given 5million euros”.