Saturday, November 02, 2013

Iran: Iran calls for annihilation of weapons of mass destruction

Source: IRNA

Ankara, Nov 1, IRNA – Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif in a conference in Istanbul called for annihilation of mass destruction weapons in the world

He made the remarks in nuclear disarmament and international security conference (Paguash) in Istanbul on Friday.

Zarif added that world should be free of nuclear and mass destruction weapons, because it is necessary for world security.

He called Iran’s nuclear program peaceful and added that Iran is not looking for nuclear weapons and such claims against Iran are dangerous. Iran has never used mass destruction weapons and such weapons, even for just defense, does not have any legitimacy and Islamic teachings do not allow us to use mass destruction weapons.

Zarif continued that an important development has begun in international relations and technical and scientific technologies have had negative and positive effects on international relations and globalization has turned into a model and we have a new era in our future.

Referring to importance of world security, Zarif said that security should be provided in the world and for providing security we should not endanger others, because it would be sabotage. We should look at the world from a new window, otherwise, nobody should feel secure.

The 4-day conference started its work on Friday in Istanbul and many delegations from different countries have participated in the conference.

Paguash is an international non-governmental organization which had gathered elites from different countries in the field of disarmament.It was founded in 1957 during the Cold War by a person named Joseph Rotblat.

The conference is trying to reduce nuclear arsenals and mass destruction weapons.

Paguash group received Noble Peace Prize in 1995.