Saturday, October 19, 2013

Iran: Envoy urges UN to clarify President Rohaniˈs plan

Source: IRNA

New York, Oct 19, IRNA – Iran’s permanent representative to the United Nations, by referring to President Rohaniˈs plan dubbed as ˈWorld Against Violence and Extremismˈ (WAVE), underlined necessity of clarifying it by the UN Information Department.

Mohammad Khazaei, speaking at the Information Committee of the UN General Assembly, called for redefining and disseminating the idea for people all over the world through affiliated organizations to this international body.

He said UN Information Department has a ˈheavy responsiblityˈ, adding that its most important duty is promotion of awareness of the international community through exact, comprehensive, and unbiased information with the aim of strengthening international support for activities of the organization.

Referring to increasing radicalism, threat, committing violence and terrorist acts, which causes killing of human beings and their homelessness, Khazaei said we believe that fighting against radicalism and prevention of spreading violence need the collective cooperation of the international community.

The Iranian senior diplomat called for more active role of the UN Information Committee.

Khazaei referred to unjustifiable act of a number of western countries in prevention of broadcasting tens of Iranian radio and TV satellite networks, said that Iran strongly condemns this act and considers it as a violation of international laws and regulations and in clear contradiction with claim of defending freedom of speech and press.

He called for imminent revision in such illegal decisions and underlined necessity of respect for freedom and democratic principles.

In another part of his speech, Khazaei said that Iran believes dialogue between cultures and civilizations will lead to considerable understanding among nations, so the Information Department is asked to use all its capacities to reach this aim upon the UN General Assembly resolutions.

At the conclusion of his speech, Khazaei referred to critical human situation and many economic problems of innocent Palestinian people and asked the body to take steps toward increasing awareness of international community concerning negative consequences of illegal occupation of Palestine occupied territory.