Saturday, September 28, 2013

UN: Venezuela demands end to policies of exclusion, denounces ‘hawks of war’

Elias Jaua Milano, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Venezuela. UN Photo/JC McIlwaine

UN - 27 September 2013 – Rejecting unjust policies that he said contravened the United Nations Charter and wider international law, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Venezuela today urged United Nations Member States to take a stand against the interventionist actions of the “leaders of the United States and those that follow blindly behind them.”

Elias Jaua Milano told the Assembly that his country’s President, Nicolas Maduro, could not address the United Nations because of “a whole range of delays, obstacles and lack of guarantees imposed by the Government of the United States,” in flagrant violation of the obligations incumbent upon it by the host country agreement.

He warned delegations that such actions are only the latest example of Washington flouting international law. Indeed, the Security Council has been hijacked by “hawks of war” who, when delegations stand against them, will “simply bang on the table and do whatever they want, which is exactly what will happen they later declare bombings in Syria,” Mr. Jaua Milano said.

While the United States and its allies disregarded the UN Charter and social justice for others, Venezuela aimed to promote social progress and combat injustice. He rejected policies of exclusion as well as neo-fascist and neo liberal models. Venezuela follows a socialist system and practices “real democracy,” which has enabled it to reach the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), he said.

Acting in the opposite manner, the President of the United States “threatens to bomb this or that country if it does not comply with its demands, even to remove any Government from power in a country he does not like.” Mr. Jaua Milano recalled that in his address to the Assembly, US President Barack Omaba said that ‘America is exceptional.’

Did the use of that word mean that the US is not bound by the same laws as other countries? Mr. Jaua Milano asked. Did it mean that the US can openly violate the UN Charter? That it can operate a detention centre in “occupied Cuban territory” where it is carrying out torture? In the face of such actions, he urged the international community to consider imposing sanctions against the US. Sanctions should also be considered for the role playes by Washington's allies in the “criminal” US-led blockade against Cuba.

Mr. Jaua Milano went on to say that instead of such acts a truly “exceptional” country would help build a more peaceful world. It would take “exceptional” decisions to help promote social inclusion and economic development, as Venezuela has.

“We are here to report a kidnapping,” he said, telling the Assembly that he United Nations has been kidnapped by the US and its allies. Member States should consider moving the Organization’s Headquarters to a place where they would all be respected. “The United Nations should be a place not to justify war but to put a stop it,” he declared.