Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bahrain: Bahraini authorities should release political detainee suffering ill health in prison


The Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR) is highly concerned regarding the well-being of the political detainee, Nadia Ali, who is detained under claims of insulting a member of the security forces. Multiple indications have shown that torture and mistreatment have occurred towards Nadia while in custody.

Nadia Ali was in her fourth month of pregnancy, in the company of her husband, when she was stopped at a checkpoint in Bani Jamra on 29 May 2013. Her husband was arrested, and when she asked about the reason for his arrest, one of the policemen reportedly insulted her and took her identification card. Nadia went to Budaiya police station the following day to collect her card where she was handcuffed, insulted and reportedly beaten by police officers, Sheikha and Hessa.

A statement was later released by the Ministry of Interior, which stated that Nadia Ali had assaulted a policewoman. Nadia was taken to the office of the public prosecution the following week (6 June), where she was ordered into detention for ten days pending further investigation. She was then transferred to Isa Town women's prison, where she is currently detained. Her detention has been renewed three times by the public prosecution since she was arrested.

Her current state of health, according to her family, is weak since she currently is in her last month of pregnancy and is suffering from psychological problems. Ali received treatment for these issues prior to her arrest but has not been provided with treatment since being arrested. Ali has also been losing consciousness and suffering from dizziness. She was taken to Salmaniya Medical Complex on the 15th September 2013 and was admitted under security watch.

The BCHR calls for Nadia Ali to be immediately released, and that all allegations of ill treatment are investigated and those who are found responsible to be held accountable.