Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sudan: Darfur displaced condemn upsurge in militia assaults, rapes

Radio Dabanga reports, the Association of Displaced Persons and Refugees of Darfur has condemned the recent rise cases of assaults and rapes by pro- government militias against the displaced.

In a statement, the Association holds “the government authorities and Unamid” responsible. “The past few weeks have seen fierce attacks by pro- government militias, and increased cases of assaults, rapes, murder and robbery against the displaced in Darfur camps,” the statement said, specifying North, Central, and West Darfur as the hardest hit.

The statement laments “the indulgence and inability of Unamid to protect the displaced,” calling on both the UN and humanitarian organisations “to take urgent action to stop the militias’ abuses and to provide protection for the displaced”.