Saturday, June 29, 2013

Iran: Abbasi - Construction of heavy-water reactors to begin in Iran

Source: IRNA

St. Petersburg, June 28, IRNA – Head of Iranˈs Atomic Energy Organization (IAEO) Fereydoun Abbasi said heavy-water reactors will be constructed in Iran.

On the sidelines of international exhibition of ATOMEXPO 2013 and the International Ministerial Conference on nuclear power in the 21st century in St. Petersburg, Russia, Abbasi told reporters that the process of designing 360 megawatt reactor type ˈRTWˈ has almost ended and the main equipment of the first circuit is being built now at home.

On the current situation of Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant, Abbasi said that the plant is operating now with the capacity of one thousand megawatts.

He went on to say that the Russian contractor should do a number of tests to deliver the power plant to Iran.

Abbasi said that the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant, after necessary tests and readiness of the Russian side, will be delivered to Iran totally.

To a question on the possibility of change in Iranˈs nuclear policies after the presidential elections, Abbasi said Iranˈs nuclear program is following two aims of supplying electricity and meeting peopleˈs needs and these two goals are stable and do not change.

He explained that producing fuel and enrichment are also upon these needs.

To a question about Furdow site, head of IAEO said that the center is under supervision of International Atomic Energy Agency ( IAEA) and Iranˈs activities there are upon whatever which has been declared to the IAEA.

He added, ˈWe also intend to build a 10 megawatt research reactor, which would be an updated light-water reactor that would be more advanced than Tehran Research Reactor.ˈ

On Iranˈs program to construct new nuclear power plants in the country, Abbasi said, ˈWe planned to build four reactors with capacities from 1,000 to 1,200 megawatts in Bushehr, of which one unit is operating now and we are programming for two other units and then we will take decision on the fourth one.ˈ

He added, ˈWe have found other places to build nuclear power plants, information of which is being finalizied and in a near future we will declare the locations and geographical characters of the sites to the IAEA.ˈ

About cooperation between Iran and the Russian company of ˈRusatomˈ, head of IAEO said that Iran had good cooperation with the company on construction of the first unit of the Bushehr Power Plant.

ˈWe hope to have cooperation for building other units in future.ˈ

Abbasi, heading an Iranian delegation including officials and experts, arrived in Russia to attend exhibition and meeting of ATOMEXPO 2013 as well as IAEA conference called ˈnuclear energy in 21st century ˈ in the city of St. Petersburg.