Thursday, April 25, 2013


Today is ANZAC Day, a public holiday here in Australia, so there will be no blog until tomorrow.

ANZAC Day has it's origins in World War One. The Great War. The "War To End All Wars." This blog is testimony to just how tragically wrong that statement was - and will always be.

So today this blog will be silent. Silent for those young men - and women, who have lost their lives in wars started by others - and who will continue to do so.

For the loved ones left behind to weep and to grieve. For those with their untold stories, the secrets and nightmares they will forever carry in their hearts, minds and throughout sleepless nights.

I have heard those memories echo through the darkened, soulless corridors of homeless mens centres. Screams and cries from battlefields long and far away, carried all the way home, never to be unpacked and put safely away.

Until tomorrow - wherever you may be, be safe. Maybe one day, we all will be. But peace wont be won with bullets or bombs. It can't be won with anything Humankind can make, sell or buy.

Elton John - Talking Old Soldiers