Saturday, February 09, 2013

Slovenia: Protests in Slovenia as government teeters With the Slovenian government close to collapsing, around 20,000 protesters have marched through the capital Ljubljana calling for a new election.

Two of Prime Minister Janez Jansa's junior partners have walked out on his ruling coalition after an anti-corruption commission accused him of serious graft.

One protester, Miha Borovovec said: "This government is totalitarian, it is corrupt, it is taking our country down. That's why I am here; this authority will destroy our country."

The opposition are trying to agree on a new prime minister, otherwise an early election is likely.

But Jansa refuses to step down. His supporters held their own rally earlier in the day.

"We are here because we support Janez Jansa, because we think that it is not right, what is happening in our country. We are here because we care about this country," said Jansa supporter Franc Mihar.

It's not just the government on the edge. Slovenia may also be forced to request an international bailout later in the year as its economy continues to suffer from the effects of the 2008/9 financial crisis.