Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Middle East: 'Iran's sovereignty over 3 PG islands non-negotiable'

Source: IRNA

Tehran, Feb 19, IRNA – Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission on Tuesday announced that Iran believes that the territorial integrity of the Greater and Lesser Tunbs and Abou Moussa is not negotiable

In a statement, issued in reaction to the UAE claim about the three islands, the Commission emphasized: "The Islamic Republic of Iran does not consider the territorial integrity and its sovereignty over the said islands negotiable. The Islamic Republic of Iran persists its sovereignty over the three Iranian islands."

It said all the measures and moves taken in connection with the islands have always been in conformity with the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

It noted that the Islamic Republic of Iran regards all contents of the UAE statement as intervention in its internal affaires and completely rejects it.

The UAE in a statement condemned Iranian MPs' efforts to visit the three islands.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has always pursued the policy of friendship and good neighborliness with all its neighboring states and as before welcomes bilateral talks with the UAE government on ways of further expanding relations and solving possible disputes, concluded the Majlis Commission.