Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Iran: Iran, Russia to strengthen cooperation on space science

Source: IRNA

Moscow, Feb 13, IRNA – In the 10th meeting of Iranian and Russian officials, the two sides agreed on strengthening mutual cooperation on space science.

Denis Lessikov, an official with the Russian Federal Space Agency, who represented the Russian side in the talks, said on Tuesday that the two sides had a working meeting and mutual cooperation on space was discussed.

He said, 'We can cooperate in all fields of space sciences.'

Lessikov said, 'We discussed training of Iranian scientists and Russia can participate with Iran on the ground stations of receiving information from the satellites.'

Iran's representative in the talks Hassan Karimi, an official with the Iranian Space Agency (ISA) said a working group has been established to investigate the mutual cooperation in this field and the two sides called for giving a new momentum to the working group.

According to Karimi, mutual cooperation on peaceful activities in the space, training of space technicians in Iran in participation with Russia, cooperation in shared projects, designing and manufacturing of satellites and cooperation in building space towns are among join actions.