Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Bilateral Relations: Ahmadinejad: Iran-Egypt convergence protects region against international threats

Source: IRNA

Tehran, Feb 5, IRNA – President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Tuesday that if Iran and Egypt stand by each other they will protect the region against international threats.

Speaking to his Egyptian counterpart Mohammed Morsi in Cairo on Tuesday, President Ahmadinejad said Tehran-Cairo cooperation will lead to formation of a new power in the region.

He said, "If Iran and Egypt get united, international enemies of the mankind would be unable to do our nations the least harm."

He added that Iran and Egypt are two big countries with a long history and rich civilization, enjoying an ancient culture and playing a very important political role in their regions.

The president said relations between the Iranian and Egyptian nations have always been positive and today, all capacities should be used to upgrade the level of ties.

Noting that Iran and Egypt follow a common goal and play a key role in global equations, Ahmadinejad said the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), in which Egypt plays a key role, has a big capacity which should be utilized for expansion of cooperation between Iran and Egypt and all other independent states.

Ahmadinejad who is the current president of NAM said conditions in the region and the world are changing.

Referring to the importance of the Summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Ahmadinejad said the Iran-Egypt cooperation in different fields is of high importance and can influence all developments.

Historically speaking, the president said, if Iran and Egypt stand by each other, they will be successful in every field and this will benefit not only the Iranian and Egyptian nations but also the entire region.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the president referred to developments in Syria and said solving the crisis is a key issue for both Iran and Egypt. He said continuation of clashes and massacre would not solve the problem; rather they should address the root cause of the Syria problem. "To this end, we should have cooperation to tackle the problems."

Noting that the Islamic Republic of Iran is unhappy with current conditions in Syria, the president said the Syria problems should be settled at once. "If Iran and Egypt coordinate their action in connection with the Syria issue, major portion of the country's problems would be solved."

He noted that the Islamic Republic of Iran believes that Syria should attain development and remain strong and people of the country should be able to decide their own fate.

He also touched on the Palestine issue and said had Iran and Egypt been beside each other in connection with Palestine, the issue would have been solved in favor of the Palestine people.

He emphasized "We should defend our nations and regional nations in the face of international enemies."

As for the Iran-Egypt relations, he said the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to expand ties with Egypt in all spheres without any limitation. "The Iranian nation wholeheartedly welcomes development and progress of the Egyptian nation."

He then said Iran and Egypt enjoy abundant capacities for broadening of cooperation in various industrial, commercial, scientific, tourism and cultural sectors.

Meanwhile, Morsi said Iran-Egypt relations can play an important role in in the region. "Today, Iran-Egypt cooperation in all spheres is necessary."

He said he was glad to personally welcome the Iranian president and is g willing to seize the opportunity for consultations on different regional and international issues.

He added that Egyptian revolution took place under conditions too much similar to Iran's revolution. "Since Egypt does not enjoy any opportunity alike Iran for speedy progress, so cooperation and relations with Iran is highly important and necessary."

He then underlined Iran's role in settlement of Syria problems. "I believe Syria problem can not be solved in absence of Iran."

He said Iran and Egypt should cooperate in solving the Syrian crisis. "We fully trust the efforts being made by Iran and its Supreme Leader, President and officials. We do not have the least doubt about Iran's efforts to find a solution to the problems of Syria and other nations. So, we emphasize that we should have cooperation with this country in this regard."

"Though other countries have a role in Syria issue, but I suppose Iran and Egypt can have more serious and more effective role in it," said Morsi.

He said enemies' divisive plots cannot harm relations between Iran, Egypt and other Muslim nations.

He turned to Palestine issue and said the problem cannot be solved in the absence of collective cooperation among Muslim states .

Morsi said Iran and Egypt can cooperate fully in various sectors and certainly, the world would witness another form of cooperation between Iran and Egypt. "Iran and Egypt have always been in favor of peace, progress and security, believing that our nations are entitled to make progress."