Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Sudan: 60,000 flee clashes in Jebel ‘Amer, dozens killed

Radio Dabanga reports at least 60.000 gold explorers fled the gold mining area of Jebel ‘Amer, North Darfur, after fierce clashes erupted between the Arab tribes of Abbala and Beni Hussein, killing dozens over the weekend.

Local sources told Radio Dabanga that Jebel ‘Amer is virtually empty, as the tens of thousands of workers it houses, who stem from all over Darfur, are now heading by foot to Kabkabiya and Saraf Omra.

The fighting initially broke out on Saturday, 5 January and continued through Sunday and Monday, witnesses affirmed.

According to one of the versions of the fighting heard by Radio Dabanga, two members belonging to the Abbala and Beni Hussein tribes clashed each other and their fellow tribesmen called extra parties for support. Tensions became more violent once the back-ups of both sides arrived at the scene carrying heavy weapons.

Next, armed Beni Hussein tribesmen surrounded the gold mine at about 11:00pm on Saturday and ordered all workers to leave the site if they did not want to die, one of the victims recounted.

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