Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Iran: Ahmadinejad - Pressure on IAEA for Iran will get nowhere

Source: IRNA

Tehran, Dec 3, IRNA -- President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Monday that putting pressures on International Atomic Energy Agency to provide political statements against Iran will get nowhere.

He made the remarks in a meeting with new Swedish Ambassador to Tehran Peter Tiller.

Ahmadinejad said US has exercised hostile strategy against Iran over the past three decades under different pretexts and it has currently resorted to Iranian nuclear program to put more pressures on Iran.

He said that nuclear bomb has proved to be useless and Iran has no concerns about atomic bomb, because Iran does not have it and is not after it.

"Nuclear bombs are good for nothing. They have not helped the European Union solve its economic problems. The UK and France spend a lot for maintenance and stockpiling nuclear arms," the president said.

He said that the time has gone when nuclear bombs were effective. Currently, all the world nations do not heed the demands of the nuclear weapons states and rather they embarked on democratic campaign against the bullying powers.

"The current period is the time for culture, humanity and values not wars and weapons."

Underlying dialogue, cooperation and understanding among nations, he said no state has the right to impose its views and demands on any other countries.

He called for implementing the international community's resolve requiring the nuclear weapons states to disarm.

President Ahmadinejad said that US and its allies are afraid of the atomic weapons, they prefer to possess weapons of mass destruction and at the same time they do not let any other country to acquire a bomb.

"Iran is interested in respecting others based on friendship and justice and seeks a peaceful settlement of differences so is ready to negotiate on the issues. Therefore, it has had more cooperation with IAEA than any other country," Ahmadinejad said.

Tiller extended his credentials to the President and said he will do his utmost for further expansion of the two countries ties in all fields.

Pointing to Iran's remarkable progress in the recent years, he called for negotiations and diplomatic settlement of the dispute over Iranian nuclear program.