Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sudan: Rebels condemn UNAMID army airlift

RADIO DABANGA reports  The Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF) has condemned UNAMID for reportedly airlifting injured Sudanese soldiers to the Mission’s team site in El-Fasher for treatment after last week's clashes in Wadi Murrah, North Darfur, Radio Dabanga learned on Monday, 12 November.

In a press statement released on Sunday, SLM-MM integrated in the SRF, said the mission evacuated 25 government troops. The rebels described UNAMID's action as 'a violation of its mandate, [which] includes the protection of civilians as well as to control, verify and facilitate the flow of humanitarian aid in the region’.

The SLM-MM demanded that the UN Security Council, the EU, the AU and all other international and regional parties investigate 'the failure of the mission' and 'its lack of impartiality', the statement read.