Saturday, November 10, 2012

Iran: Iran sharply criticizes status of human rights in US, Britain, Canada, Australia, EU

Source: IRNA

New York, Nov 9, IRNA – A member of Iran's representative delegation to the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday strongly criticized the status of human rights in US, Britain, Canada, Australia as well as other members of the Europe Union.

Addressing the UN Human Rights Committee in the UN, the Iranian envoy referred to various cases of violation of human rights in western countries and lambasted biased and selective approaches of the western states in dealing with the issue of human rights in other countries.

In his address, the Iranian envoy cited instances of human rights violations in the countries such as racial discrimination, Islamophobia, humiliation of the ethnical minorities and suppression of peaceful protests in Europe and the US.

Such countries with long record of violation of human rights in their countries are not in a position to defend human rights in other countries and they are advised to mind the status of human rights in their own countries, said the Iranian envoy.

Given the horrible condition of Canadian minorities as well as native tribes, the Iranian envoy described the request made by Canada on cancelling the mission of UN special reporter on violation of human rights' cases in the occupied Palestine as "ridiculous."

In many western countries they ignore social freedoms of ethnic or religious minorities but claim to be the advocate of democracy and social freedom in other states, said the Iranian envoy.