Tuesday, October 09, 2012

South Sudan: Nine patients die as doctors go on strike

Source: Miraya FM

Monday, 08 October 2012 08:12 Mabior Mach

The National Ministry of Health has announced that nine patients have died at Juba Teaching Hospital due to an ongoing strike, by medical workers.

The doctors and medical workers stopped work over the weekend, protesting a cut in their allowances, which was in line with austerity measures being implemented by the government.

The Deputy Minister of Health, Dr. Yata Lori Lugor, visited the hospital Monday morning and found only a few nurses and one doctor on duty.

Yata appealed to the doctors to resume work as their concerns are being addressed.

"Everybody knows that we who are working here in the hospital may contract Hepatitis B, we may get HIV infections. These are all hazards we are exposing ourselves to. We do understand the gravity of the matter, that's why our minister, the Undersecretary and I, we launched a spirited campaign at the Council of Ministers that our allowances should not be tampered with. The cabinet has already approved that and it has been taken to the parliament".

Juba teaching hospital is also experiencing a water shortage and electricity cuts.

Water and power went off last Friday because of a generator problem.

The director general of the hospital, Dr. Kajomsuk Abdalla Moi, said the generator is being repaired and should be fixed by Tuesday.