Saturday, October 13, 2012

Nobel Peace Prize: Joke of the Century

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

What to expect of an institution whose founder invented dynamite, which seriously postulated the choice of Bush and Blair for the Peace Prize, which perpetuates its existence by pandering to the whims of its amoral overlords? What to expect when you give the keys of the kindergarten to a paedophile who is a serial rapist?
It is fitting that the institution set up by "The merchant of Death", famous for his career as a major manufacturer of armaments, famous for inventing cordite, whose main contribution to the world was dynamite, bestows upon the European Union the Nobel Peace Prize for its contribution to "peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights".

After all, why shouldn't an Institution which awarded Barack Obama the Peace Prize back in 2009 when his country was actively engaged in two wars not award the EU, whose states were actively engaged just last year in the most disgusting and flagrant breach of international law, the most heinous act of terrorism, the most despicable support for murderers, rapists, arsonists and torturers in the war in Libya (which by the way is far from "won")?

And why not go the whole hog, this Institution which allegedly seriously considered the accused war criminals Bush and Blair for the Peace Prize, and award it to the EU for its contribution to "democracy".
Democracy? Someone please tell me the Nobel Institution is joking, and we can then all have a good laugh, slap it on the back, say "nice one, you had me fooled there for a minute" and wander off arm-in-arm in guffaws to the nearest bar. Democracy? The European Union? It is difficult to imagine an organism more autocratic.

Did anyone vote for the Euro? Did the EU bother asking its citizens if they wanted this European model? Were the citizens actively engaged after Maastricht and before Nice and Lisbon? Did the EU ask its citizens if they wanted the Euro imposed upon them? Did the wonderfully mentally advanced Eurocrats know what they were doing when they implemented this socio-economic monster top-down in a shining example of arrogance? And incompetence?

Democracy and human rights? What human rights do the EU citizens have? It is enough to watch the police beating them senseless when they dare to express their shock and horror at the economic noose placed so eagerly around their necks, it is enough to watch the cynical manipulation of a vote when a people dares to say No! and the wording is changed and the vote repeated until everyone gives up and says "yeah, OK, OK, OK!!"


The only organism voted into place in the EU is the European Parliament which has no executive power and the organism which has executive power, the Commission, is not elected. So how democratic is the European Union? It is as democratic as the choice of victims by a serial paedophile rapist when given the keys to the local kindergarten.

And speaking of Germany, how democratic is Angela Merkel for the Greeks, whose futures have been destroyed by the European Union? For Greece, read "Portugal", read "Spain", read "Italy" today. Read "France" tomorrow. And they give this leprous, syphilitic slug called the European Union a Peace Prize?

Or is this Nobel Peace Prize thing Norway's way of having a good laugh at the EU as it sits outside watching the Union fall apart like a jigsaw puzzle attacked with RPGs? 

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey 

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