Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Drug Trafficking: Independent observers claim CIA control global drugs trade with proceedings going to the Queen and other influential people in US and the UK

Source: IRNA

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Tehran, July 17, IRNA – Independent observers say their investigations prove the management and control of worldwide drugs trade in Mexico and other countries is done by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) with the proceddings going to the Queen of Britain and other influential people both in the US and the UK.

The question dwelling on the public mind in the past years is whether the CIA has been making any profits out of bloody wars related to drug trafficking in Mexico. Why is it that such a big organization, with all those facilities and capabilities, is unable to fight a handful of drug traffickers.

According to a report published by a Mexican news website on April 24, 2012, the US idea of waging a military war against drug traffickers which was initiated by the Bush government and was planned to culminate in 2008 together with the 1.4 billion dollar financial aid provided by Washigton to the present Mexican government has now changed into a truly bloody catastrophe that is speedily transforming into a social annihilation process, turning Mexico into a broken country in social and economic terms.

Though experts and politicians hold diverse views on the roots of violence and blood shedding, they share the same opinion on the inefficiency of the military plans devised by the Mexican president which have claimed lives of 23000 people during military operations since 2006. They believe changes in the present policies are necessary.

In the past four decades, American policies on drugs have never changed. The US administration has never really tried to fight drug trafficking. That is why it has been tightly holding hands with Calderon’s government which is said to be collaborating with Mafia bands.

History of CIA involvement in the game of drugs

Apparently, the CIA is supposed to accumulate, process and analyze information about governments, companies and foreign and domestic people and extend its reports to the US government, while in essence it far surpasses this superficial formula and –based on numerous documents - plays a big role in the global drug trafficking

The enormous volume of drug trade in the world and its financial value has long before persuaded experts that such a great income could never go solely to a number of “traffickers” but that there are certain intelligence services playing a crucial role in it. The comment surely sounded wise but it could not be offered to the public without having enough documents and proofs. The investigations carried by independent individuals – many of whom sacrificed their lives for their causes – have revealed enough so far to raise accusations against these intelligence services and the CIA, in particular.

The connection between the CIA and drug trafficking is no evident issue for the world public opinion and especially the Americans. The American media have tried hard to protect the CIA by keeping the ordinary people in total ignorance.

In August 1996, the American journalist Gary Webb published over 8000 classified documents in his book titled “The Dark Alliance” which disclosed the connection between the CIA and the drug cartels with an aim of filling the treasury and gaining to their dark objectives through secret operations.

Pointing out that the CIA started its drug operations in 1970s and then it reached its peak in 1990s, he said that since 80s, the US has started to invest about 2 billion dollars in Afghan drug cartels to confront the Russian military presence there. The CIA also cooperated with drug traffickers in Latin America.

According to the published documents, the money earned through these operations found their ways into Wall Street as legal investments. In this way, the US carried out the world’s biggest money laundering operation to provide financial resources for its interventionist policies without leaving any traces.

One thing for certain is that the horrendous American intelligence agency would never forsake hundreds-of- billions-strong global trade and its enormous income. While hundreds of thousands of people are losing lives worldwide every year because of drugs, the CIA still goes on with its trading activities with drugs traffickers for two distinct objectives: first to have its share of its profits and second, to use the global network of drug-related crimes to materialize its goals.

Mexico is not a major producer of narcotics but an outstanding site of drugs trade. Presently, drug cartels are active in 6 vast regions in the country which literally account for a major portion of its territory and their trade is so profitable that even it tempts politicians.