Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Sudan: Sudan Demands the Withdrawal of South Sudanese Forces

SOURCE Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan

Sudan accepts the resolution of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution number 2046 issued May 2, 2012 and the roadmap proposed and adopted by the African Union Peace and Security Council. The Government of Sudan reaffirms its readiness to observe the resolution, which calls for the immediate cessation of hostilities, in accordance with the timetable stipulated therein. Sudan also notes with concern the ongoing occupation and continued attacks against Sudanese territories by the South Sudanese army such as witnessed in Umm Dafouq, Talodi, Samaha as well as in the disputed areas in Kafia Kenji and Kafia Debi. These provocations, in addition to the threats of reoccupying Heglig, could leave Sudan with no other option but to invoke the right to self-defense.

The Government of Sudan hopes that the other party will commit to the terms of the resolution, ending all provocations and begin its unconditional withdrawal of its forces from the disputed areas to avoid any response from Sudan. Withdrawal is preliminary and will facilitate the implementation of the roadmap and the Council's resolution.

The Government of Sudan further reiterates its commitment to the Abyei Protocol signed in January 2005 and pledges its commitment to the temporary administrative and military arrangements agreed upon and inked by the two countries on June 20th 2011.