Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sri Lanka: Information relating to persons detained by the Terrorist Investigation Division to be released to close relatives

Government of Sri Lanka
The Ministry of Defence informed that information relating to persons detained by the Terrorist Investigation Division will be released to their close relatives, such as the spouse, parents and siblings.

It said that a round the clock mechanism has been established by the Terrorist Investigation Division to provide details of the detainees and those who are already released.

This measure has been taken in line with one of the recommendations made in the report of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission with respect to detainees. The report said that several instances of LTTE detainees remaining in detention without charges and in which next of kin were not notified have been brought to their notice. It also asserted that no person should be detained outside authorised places of detention.
Persons seeking information should submit a certificate obtained from the OIC of the Police Station in the relevant area or from the Grama Niladhari to ascertain their identity.

Information can be obtained from the Terrorist Investigation Unit at the new Secretariat Building of the Police Headquarters in Colombo, and from outstation units in Kandy road Vavunia and Boossa in Galle. (niz)