Saturday, May 26, 2012

Iran: Iran proud of support for Iraq, Hezbollah and Hamas

Iran and hezbollah ans Hamas
Source: IRNA

Qom, May 26, IRNA – IR Iran is proud of its support for Iraq, Lebanese Hezbollah resistance and Palestinian Hamas movement, Iranian senior MP and former parliament speaker Ali larijani said here Friday.

He made the remark in a ceremony held to celebrate the anniversary of martyred Iraqi religious leader, Grand Ayatollah Muhammad Baqer al-Hakim.

“Iran is proud of its support for Jihadist approach of the great Hakim family in Iraq as well as the Lebanese Hezbollah resitance movement and Hamas Islamic movement; Tehran continues its support for Iraq as a brother country; the Iraqi people and political parties should protect their unity to become a more influential state in the region and the international community.”

Former parliament speaker added that sectarian divide is the biggest problem of the Muslim world and this is why the Islamic Republic's late founder Imam Khomeini (P) emphasized the need for Islamic unity and solidarity.