Thursday, March 29, 2012

Middle East: Germany reaffirms 'no' to Palestinian independence plans

Source: IRNA

Berlin, March 29, IRNA - Germany on Wednesday snubbed once again Palestinian calls for recognizing their statehood bid.

Talking at a press briefing with the Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority (PA) Salam Fayyad in Berlin, German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle reiterated that an independent Palestinian state could only be 'the result of a negotiated two-state solution.'

A die-hard ally of the Zionist regime, Germany was among a handful of countries to oppose PA plans to join UNESCO.

Westerwelle warned Palestinians and Israelis against taking one-sided steps which would only further aggravate the situation in the Mideast conflict.

Reacting to Westerwelle's remarks, Fayyad made clear Palestinians were increasingly losing patience on their bid for independence.

'We have invested a lot of time without getting results,' the PA official said. Fayyad reaffirmed the Palestinian right to live in freedom and dignity. The Palestinians had a majority in the United Nations on their side, he added.

Fayyad urged also 'greater (international) attention on the Palestinian suffering,'including the ongoing Israeli military incursion in occupied Palestinian territories,

mounting settler violence and the brutal Israeli security crackdown on peaceful Palestinian protests.

He stressed millions of Palestinians were facing 'Israeli state oppression' on a daily basis and therefore the occupation had to finally end.