Friday, March 30, 2012

Egypt: AJC 'Dismayed' by Anti-Semitic TV Series in Egypt

SOURCE American Jewish Committee

AJC is appalled by the broadcast in Egypt of a notoriously anti-Semitic TV series that first aired ten years ago in the country.

The program is available on Al-Tahrir, an Egyptian TV channel that was established on the eve of President Mubarak's resignation and claims to represent the youth of the revolution, according to MEMRI.

"It is profoundly discouraging that Egyptian society would countenance the rebroadcast of 'Horseman Without a Horse,' an anti-Semitic TV series widely criticized throughout the world when it first aired in 2002," said AJC Executive Director David Harris. "This TV program re-enforces vile themes about Jews and Judaism, and is nothing less than an invitation to incitement."

The 30-part series depicts an alleged Jewish plot to establish the state of Israel. It is based on the infamous Protocols of the Elders of Zion, whose history of triggering anti-Semitism has been widely documented.

The U.S. government, among others, criticized the program when it first aired a decade ago.

"At a time when the Egyptian government is working to promote peace in the region, a program that promotes hatred would be extremely unfortunate and counterproductive," the State Department spokeswoman said at the time.

"The Egyptian government shouldn't need reminding that Horseman Without a Horse is so offensive in its promotion of religious and national hatred that it should be buried," said Harris.