Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Syria: Claim Saudis paying Lebanon-based Syrian factory workers $800 monthly to participate in sabotage operations

Source: IRNA

Beirut, Feb 7, IRNA – Dissident Syrian groups supported by Saudi and Qatar governments’ financial support here encourage Lebanon-based Syrian factory workers giving them US $800 monthly to participate in sabotage operations against their country.

According to IRNA from Beirut, recent reports in Lebanese media indicate that following the resistance shown by Damascus against the foreign plots, some regional countries have asked for direct Saudi interference in Syria’s internal affairs in favor of insurgents, which keeping in mind the traditional support of Riyadh for al-Qaeda, the Saudi support is typically given to Salafi elements in the region.

The informed sources in Beirut believe the opponents of the Syrian regime intend to pretend that their plots are hatched by the Lebanese people, getting support from the March 14th faction and their biased anti-Syrian propagation.

According to them, the so-called Free Syrian Army that has always accepted responsibility for the armed attacks against the Syrian regime, is an exact copy of the Free Lebanese Army, that around the year 1978 was established by retired Lebanese Army general Saad Haddad in southern Lebanon, commissioned to back up the Zionist regime in its confrontations with the Lebanese resistance forces.

The Free Syrian Army which dreams of ousting President Assad’s regime, has been comprised of the fugitive Syrian Army officers who have been insinuated by the money injected by the Persian Gulf regimes’ money.

According to Lebanese sources, taking a look at the occurrence of the Lebanese civil wars in 70s and 80s and the aftermaths of the money spent by the Persian Gulf countries that led to further inflammation of the civil wars and internal tensions in Lebanon, today the role of such monies in Syrian crisis is well predictable.

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