Friday, February 17, 2012

Opinion: You see this heart that lies upon my hand?

You see this heart that lies upon my hand?
They have torn it from my very soul
Yet look closely
See how it still beats

They have deafened my ears,
So I can not hear their words
They have blinded my eyes
So I can not see their deeds
They have sewn my lips
So I can not tell the things I know
Yet they can not still my heart
See how it still beats

And you my people
Shall be my ears, my eyes, my lips
My heart is now your heart
It's beat is now your beat

Take it from my hand
A hand that has held no sword
Nor caused no man, woman or child to weep or to grieve
A hand that has gently caressed those I cherish
And toiled the soil of the Land I love
Our Land.

I can no longer walk among you
My legs weary from shackles and blows
I am The Past
This heart is The Future
Use it carefully
Not to hurt nor deceive
Use it peacefully
Not to avenge

Use it not in my name, nor even in yours
But in the name of Our Land
The young and the unborn
Do not let the heart of Our Land
Lie broken on streets of ruby red
Let it beat once more
Vibrantly, passionately
As it did before..
..before They ripped it from our souls

*Part of a trilogy published in Mike Hitchen Unleashed