Thursday, February 23, 2012

Crime: Australian Police Assist FBI in David Parker Ray Missing Person Case


The FBI is seeking the help of the Australian public to identify a potential missing person who is believed to have disappeared in New Mexico around 1995. The woman, named Connie, may possibly be a victim of David Parker Ray, who died while serving a 223-year prison term for kidnapping and torturing two women.

The Australian Federal Police issued a press release Tuesday announcing the FBI is seeking to identify Connie, whose last name is unknown, by trying to identify and locate an Australian man known only as “Mark.”

Mark wrote about meeting Connie and her friend Candy at an unspecified beach in the U.S. in February 1990, and his two-page letter was later found among Ray’s belongings at his residence in New Mexico after he was arrested. The letter, dated June 19, 1990, originated in Sydney and may hold the key to Connie’s identity.

The FBI, New Mexico State Police, and Albuquerque Police Department suspect Ray may have abducted up to 40 women from several U.S. states and may have killed an unknown number of them. No bodies have ever been found and Ray, who died in prison in 2002, was never charged with murder.

Ray wrote in a journal that Connie was Caucasian, had been born around 1977, was about 160 centimeters tall, and had long blonde hair and a birthmark on her chest. It is believed she was abducted in December 1995.