Thursday, January 12, 2012

South Sudan: US Announces South Sudan Eligibility for Defense Services - Statement by Sudan

SOURCE Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan

The following is being released by the Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan:

On January 6, 2012 the Obama Administration announced a determination on the eligibility of South Sudan to receive what it has been called defense articles and defense services. Of course such action can stand only for the bias, unwillingness and even lack of seriousness of American Administration towards achieving peace and stability in Sudan. Although Sudan has proved its good intention to reach a genuine peace deal with South Sudan. The United States by such step is igniting tensions which may lead to war between the two countries. As CPA partner mediator USA should not have to encourage the conflict between the two parties by providing military equipments to South Sudan. Widely was expected that the USA would play a role of serving the cause of peace and stability instead of such step. Taking into consideration that the international community and United States are fully aware of South Sudan supporting the rebels groups in South Kordofan, Blue Nile and Darfur. No doubts this announcement will defeat the claims of the United States neutrality as peace mediator between the two countries that has been raised over and over again by US officials, and such action will first and foremost pave the way for the arms race region wide, then it will lead to destabilize Sudan.

On the other hand, The American Administration has expressed, through its spokesperson of State Department during the daily press briefing on January 9, 2012 irrelevant stance with regard to the ICC's allegations against Sudan when it urged countries not to invite, facilitate and support travel of President of the Republic H.E. Omar Al Bashir, in spite of AU, OIC and ALC decisions supporting Sudan's position against ICC indictment. While the United States itself is not an ICC party nor a member in one of the above mentioned regional and international organs, where the United States is not eligible to urge any country to provide assistance to ICC, it shows how double standards are being well imposed. President Bashir will exert no efforts to maintain peace and stability in the region.