Saturday, January 14, 2012

Iran: Iran cites MI6 as letters accuse UK, US of crimes against Iranian nuclear scientists.

Source: IRNA

Tehran, Jan 14, IRNA – Foreign Ministry in two separate letters strongly protested the US and the UK governments and underlined their clear role in assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan and called those two governments responsible for crimes against Iranian nuclear scientists.

Citing a quote by John Sawers, head of Foreign Intelligence Service (MI6) as an evidence, Tehran said in a protest letter to British Foreign Ministry that assassination of Iran nuclear scientists started exactly after the British official declared beginning of intelligence operation against Iran.

It said that Iran is repeating its protest concerning aforementioned approach and is underlining responsibility for such terrorist acts.

Meanwhile, Iran sent another protest note to Switzerland embassy here in Tehran as interest office of the US government.

In its letter Iran underlined that its diplomatic notes about existing documents on the US support for terrorist groups against Iran had been without answer or facing with the US government silence.

It added that upon authentic documents and reliable information the operation had been executed with guideline, support and planning of the US Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA) and with direct interference of the agency elements, which its direct responsibility is on shoulder of the US government.

The letter underscored that Iran by condemning such inhuman act, is requesting prompt reply of the US government, and it strongly warns against the consequences of support for every kind of terrorist operation against Iranian citizens.